Friday, June 19, 2009

Look What I Found...and Lost

This post is connected to a series on SHELTER about my trip to the vintage stores in Historic Fredericksburg, VA.

After a false alarm on Route 301, where I saw a metal bustled dress form that turned out to be $225, I came across this sweet model in Carroll's Antiques. How lucky was I to see this one, suspiciously close to my size?

Not much, as the owner uses it for display and would not part with it for less than $250. While in good shape (and in my size!) there was no way I was paying that! I suppose if I were a collector...but then again, the adjustable-height metal one by the side of the road was a much better specimen for around the same price. A little de-rusting and it would have been a great conversation piece.

Other fashion-related items seen in Historic Fredericksburg:

Velvet and tulle costume

This wonderful costume immediately made me think of A Midsummer's Night Dream. That multi-colored tulle skirt was beautiful in person.

Brocade wedding (?) ensemble

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Jen said...

I do like the green fabric with the dog on it behind it.