Monday, June 22, 2009

I Found One in Fredericksburg!


Yes, I found another chair similar to my beloved rocking chair and this time I got to see it in person! I was amazed how happy it made me to see that the mechanism was almost identical, except for the fact that with this one you had a choice with how far you could recline by replacing that brass bar. I wonder if that is the original bar (there are no other brass accents) or if it is a substitute? However, the tag for this chair said it was a Morris; a name I've heard before in my research and, therefore, why I think this is much older than mine. Unfortunately, no date was attributed to it.

Oh and also, this one was going for $275 and I got my mine for a sweet, sweet $25.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to Metro Modern on Cary Street? They might be able to give you some info on your chair if you take in a photo.


Anonymous said...

Here is more about the Morriss chair. I remember when I was in interior design classes, we studied about it in furniture history. It was one of the first recliners. How lucky you are!
Enjoy your column very much. I can identify with you and your continued, never ending search for the perfect decor on a budget!--Beth

Kathi said...

I have a William Morris chair. I was living in Roanoke when I saw it in an antique store. It had been somewhat neglected, but it just really appealed to me. I moved to Yorktown, but I could not forget that chair. On a trip back to visit friends, I went in and the chair was still there! I got the price where I wanted it and the chair was put in the little car I had at the time!
After I married, I had the cushions recovered. Once we moved to our current location, a man recovered some other furniture and I showed him the chair and how the seat wasn't comfortable. He fixed it right up. I love that chair! Now, if I had seen one that rocked I would have been over the moon. I am somehow drawn to rocking chairs. I find myself looking at rocking chairs all the time when I am in antique stores!