Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adaptive Reuse for Living

A co-worker directed me to a compilation of stories on WebUrbanist about adaptive reuse projects. These projects range from a family home created in an airplane to a complete beach resort contained within an airplane hanger. Links to more complete stories on each project are included in that post. Definitely don't miss the story about the chapel-to- apartment or the house within a pigsty.

There was one (via that especially interested me; it involves the bureaucratic troubles one owner encountered when trying to convert his garage into a small residence for his mother-in-law. Even though the project was designed to fit into the preexisting urban landscape and was created with an architect to meet all city codes, he still came up against problem after problem. You can follow his story on his blog, Bottleworld. But first, some pictures of the project:


Interior Loft

alternating tread staircase that "the City" did not like.

All photos: Bottleworld

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Eric said...

I personally wouldn't like the alternating staircase either. I like the concept, but I tend to go up stairs two at a time, which means face plant and shin splits, oof