Saturday, February 14, 2009

My First Party Here

The party was a success. The guest list was smaller because some people couldn't make it and the smallest children were ill and stayed home, but we still had fun. There were pastel cupcakes on a transported cupcake stand (all brought by my guests), eggs with mozzarella/cheddar cheese and spinach, English muffins, and hash browns. Regular orange juice and orange/pineapple juice (my favorite) for cool drinks and mint green tea and more Madagascar Vanilla Red tea for hot. I spent the morning waaaayyyy behind. Still arranging furniture, storing things away, and doing laundry just hours before the arrival time. In fact, I went to pick up clothes out of the dryer three hours later, after the guests left. I didn't even start cooking until after the first guest arrived. Next time, I will definitely cook in advance and have food warming in the oven. Even though I have many planning books by Matthew Mead and Katie Brown, I guess I'm just not that girl. Perhaps once I get some help for my major procrastination problem I can deal with place settings and themed decorations.

A friend brought her new camera, a Canon G10, and took some pictures of my little trinkets and stuff. Suddenly my place looked like it belonged on Desire to Inspire or some other blog with beautiful interior shots. In fact, her camera made the colors seem more vivid. With my apartment full of yellow, green, blue, red, and orange these pictures are great! I feel so better in my apartment. The new arrangement allows me to walk without bumping into things and knocking stacks of papers on the floor.

children, cupcakes, and color

There is nothing better than arranging for people to come over to get you motivated to clean your a hurry!

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