Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright Did Gas Stations?

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a service station?

Neither did I until I noticed a headline on a publication we receive at work. It was an issue of the Society of Commercial Archeology Journal (the oldest national organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape.) I had no idea that this organization even existed. I love roadside attractions and signs so I will probably keep checking out their website.

Not only do they cover the architecture of gas stations, motor-lodges, roadside diners and early fast-food restaurants, but there is also a focus on roadside signs, travel postcards, and personal accounts of mid-century automobile travel.

For more information on roadside buildings, signs, and other roadside attractions, please check these other sites:

American Diner Museum
Googie Architecture Online
Lost Highway
Roadside America
Roadside Architecture - where the categories include Paul Bunyans, Giant Foods, and Tiki!

Note: Does anyone know the rules regarding the usage of archeology versus archaeology?


StuccoHouse said...

I drive by that gas station on the way up to our cabin. Have even bought gas there. It's very cool, but not in the best condition anymore. I keep hoping Cloquet will get together and fully restore it.

modernemama said...

archeology versus archaeology: both are acceptable in American English but we Brits love our dipthongs so I use the second.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

This is awesome! I like your blog and love roadside attractions too. Here's a shameless promotion for my blog:

lsaspacey said...


Thanks! I only saw a little bit this time but I will definitely be checking out the archives of your site. How lucky you are to travel and see these things in person! So cool!

drwende said...

Cool SCA site -- I predict hours of happy enjoyment for myself in browsing it...