Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Makeunder: Metallic beanbag bookends

The minute I saw these in the latest Domino I thought… $70 for a bookend/paperweight?

I can make that! Shiny fabric, square shape, something heavy for the insides and done, right? Right.

Personally, I have no need for beanbag bookends, but I did make something similar recently that might be an even more creative take on this idea.

This is the Purl frog, Rico to show later...

I called mine Rico, the flea market fancy frog. Created from Purl Fabric’s frog pattern, Denyse Schmidt fabric, and filled with lentils, he is actually on his way to a little boy in upstate New York as a toy. But, imagine if Rico was filled with the same heavier aquarium rocks I used to fill my door draft dodger? Wouldn’t he make the cutest bookend for a children’s bookshelf? gold vine brocade, $6
On the other hand, you can also buy a great panel of asian influenced brocade fabric, create coordinating or matching piping, and make more elegant paperweights in the vein of the $140 a pair Sophie Nova ones above. It only takes a little time, creativity, and a tiny bit of money.

Images: Domino magazine, Sophie Nova, Purl Soho, JoAnn Fabrics


Bitterbetty said...

the cry of the crafty: 'oh i could totally make that...'

your frog is so vastly superior.

lovely work

Ana said...

I had the same thought when I saw those.

The difference is you or I wouldn't charge $70 for them!

lsaspacey said...

Oops, that's not my frog. Rico wasn't very photogenic this morning and that's the one from the Purl site.