Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fourth Annual Fall Color Contest

I have been checking out Apartment Therapy's Fourth Annual Fall Colors Contest. The only concession this year is that I'm not reading the comments. It's amazing how rude people can be about someone else's home and I want to avoid that type of negativity this time.

Here are three entries that I just love; not neccessarily because I think they are the best in their use of color but because I could easily see myslef happily living in any of these homes. I wish these contestants; Rachel, Janice, and Noodle, the best of luck, and I also warn them to take any negative (and rude!) comments with a grain of salt.

Rachel's Bungalow of Bright Ideas in the Midwest

Janice's Color My World Beautiful in the East

Noodle's Mood Matching Colors in the Northwest

Images: Apartment Therapy (duh!)

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