Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Need to Purge

I remember years ago when I first started reading about the Apartment Therapy Cure. It sounded exactly like what I needed; a systemized way to get rid of my apartment clutter. The cure has occurred umpteen times now and always with a very helpful and supportive group of fellow Cure-ees. However, time and again, I find I "don't have the time" to do it. However, there has always been stuff to get rid of in my "outbox" area since the day I moved in.

This is a girl that loves empty space around her furniture and along her walls, but you wouldn't know that from looking around my apartment. There are piles of picture frames, stacks of boxes holding old clothes, empty product boxes, a stack of obsolete college textbooks I can't even sell back, and magazines that no longer fit on their designated shelf. These things annoy me, get in my way, look messy, and above all, accumulate dust bunnies like nobody's business!

The detritus of my life includes items I need to either give away to friends, donate, throw away, sell for whatever I can, or re-use with a different purpose. This occurs in my clothing, shoes, apartment decorative items, furniture, and kitchen items. There is so much in this little 520 sq ft apartment that I could live without, it is amazing.

I have two Bundt cake pans and the last time I made a Bundt cake it was the 90's. Should one or both go? I have items bought specifically for certain events in my life that are now laying dormant, clothes I need a reason to wear that I just don't have right now. How do I handle all of this?

Watch this space to see how I handle this all.

3 comments: said...

When you're done handling yours...come on over here and start attacking mine! LOL

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I was just saying to Taph last week how much I'm looking forward to this year's Seven Things challenge (see here for last year's rules: )

drwende said...

Purge brutally from things you haven't used in years (e.g., Bundt pans). You'll end up missing 5% of it enough to replace, but you never know which 5% until you've done it, so just do it.