Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let's take a look at the softer side...

of Sears.

I was searching retailers for examples of something to show another blogger when I ran into this picture of a dining set from the Ty Pennington collection at Sears. Not bad.

This Costa del Mar dining table is now on sale for $180 (from $340) and is very similar to other industrial looking tables talked about recently on Apartment Therapy.

I was also impressed in the lamp department. Though most of their lamps were not my personal style, they definitely had style. The look was in the vein of Restoration Hardware but without those high price tags. Classy, sophisticated, and looked far more expensive than they actually were.

By the way, when I was looking at the site I noticed an ad that would take you to the Martha Stewart Everyday collection at Kmart. Did Sears buy Kmart or are they in a partnership? Please don't tell me this is something that happened a long time ago and I just didn't know about it.


Why S? said...

I don't know when or how Sears and Kmart cozied up. I just found out about it in this month's Consumer Reports in their hints on getting a good deal on appliances. So you're not alone.

But please tell me the Fishing Creel Lamp is not for real (not reel).

drwende said...

The merger happened in 2005, but since Sears Holdings Corp. kept the brands separate, most people outside the investment world don't know.

Middle-American discount department stores like Sears will have paroxysms of suddenly producing stylish stuff, which is why it's important as a shopper to keep an eye on them. Historically, these lines usually fail, leading to splendid discounts, too.

Sallie West said...

Who knew that Ty was a furniture designer too! I do like it though. I'll probably check out the lamps.