Monday, July 14, 2008

The House I Grew Up In

Wende asks: If you could, would you buy the house you grew up in?

Strangely, I currently had the above picture which was taken when my family first moved into the house. My dad gave me this a few weeks ago so I could scan and preserve the image for him. Obviously it doesn't look like this now, in fact, just a few months ago, my Dad had the windows in the back of the house (both bedrooms) extended down to the brick line, changed some of the kitchen cabinetry, and installed all new stainless appliances.

Finally you can look out of the windows in the bedrooms! As a kid, it was both frustrating and scary hearing all the sounds of the outdoors but not being able to see anything. It was the same room design that prisoners have and came with a similar trapped feeling.

Though the house has gone through a lot of design changes and updates, the answer to Wende's question would still be no. I would still hold out for the bungalow cottage owned by the Barnes on the other side of the street. That house started it all. Their corner lot, fenced-in backyard for Bridget the dog, and finished attic bedroom was a dream.


Sallie West said...

I would buy my childhood home in a minute. I've been reading Feng Shui for the Soul this week, and it sounds like you were definitely receiving the messages of that home.

drwende said...

Ah - a classic of vernacular modernism!

(I keep forgetting to read this blog as well as your other one, even though I enjoy it so much when I do read it...)