Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dreams Can Come True?

Note: Originally published at the 2Modern Design Talk blog.

Have you ever dreamed of living in a mid-century modern home?

Let us say that your dream does not include paying a mint for it and still having to invest more money into the house to re-fashion it back to the original floor plan and design after an absolutely hideous 1970s remodel? Let us also say the dream does not mean having to move to some rare community in the country where they still exist and paying an inflated property value required for living with history under your fingertips.

Let's say you just want to buy a piece of land now and recreate the mid-century house of your dreams but not have to design it from scratch either. OK, still with me?

Photo by John Ellis

Well, the truth is you can have those dreams come true*. The Maxx Livingstone company is the dream maker of my story. They are re-releasing the William Krisel A.I.A firm's Butterfly Home designed by architects William Krisel and Dan Palmer in 1956. The company's desire is to retain the architectural integrity while also updating the home for modern times. You can find more information here and a story on the rehab of one of the original models here.

*I saw this story on the B.E.L.T. website.

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