Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Uncommon Modern Television

Note: Originally published at the 2Modern Design Talk blog.

The television set was a symbol of the modern age. It was one of those items that when it first arrived, was a luxury item for only the rich. Well, years later it is practically in the same category of essential needs as food, clothing, shelter...and television! During the history of TV they have always fluctuated in size, beginning in large wood cabinets, becoming smaller for convenience, and more recently becoming thinner in depth at the same time as the screens became larger.

However, if you desire a smaller-size television for your kitchen, studio, or a combination den and child's playroom; they are out there in some very creative packages.

A few years ago I saw this beauty, the HANNS A.Red, that resembles a glossy ripe red apple. I would love to have this, if it wasn't $400 for a tiny 10" inch screen.

This same company, Hannspree, offers another set resembling something organic; it looks like it was made of wood.


Then there is the Micro TV, a concept television from Sony. I have no idea if or when it will be produced or how expensive it will be, however, it will be available in white and fuchsia. I know it is cute, but a bright pink TV, really?
Micro TV

For your child or the child in you, the norm seems to be Disney promo products or anthromorphized animals of all sorts. You can own a Disney Princess TV, a Disney car, or one like this; again by Hannspree, that actually places a television monitor into the tummy of a cloth plush toy.

Then, of course, you could try going back to the beginning and purchase a reproduction of a groovy vintage design like this one:

from Predicta

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