Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sofa Showdown: Round Two

Sure these sofas are not exactly bargains, but they are more affordable than the offerings I have seen recently in some home magazines. I can't remember what magazine, but recently I saw someone suggest both a $7,000 and a $9,000 sofa. My car cost only $10,500! Of course, that was ten years ago, but still. I feel good about that purchase but how would I feel if I had bought a sofa for nine grand ten years ago and now I want a different one? I think the cheapest sofa they had pictured was $2,500.

So I feel fine about posting these very beautiful sofas from lesser known manufacturers. Most of the sofas below are offered in both full-length and love seat size.

The sofa on the left is from Dania Furniture. I may have featured it before, but it is worth a second look. Though the Paramount is pricey at $1,395 it is still quite a bit cheaper than Design Within Reach's same-size, near look-alike Bantam for $1,950.

These next four are from Rowe Furniture's Cosmopolitan line and their MiniMod small-scale sofa collection.






Sofa Showdown: Round One

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Ana said...

I like the first two alot and the gayton is very nice