Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still plugging along...

I'm still working on my picture wall. However, I'm now thinking of moving my mass of pictures away from the huge Swingers poster.

1) There is still so much wall space to cover and this will take better advantage of the space.
2) I think the poster was so much larger than the other pieces that it didn't seem to belong in the earlier design.

I still need to move the whole grouping over about 8 inches to straddle the shelf and there is one more large picture that will be attached on the bottom left.

Here is the dining table primed and sanded. This picture was taken a couple of hours ago so the first pale blue coat of paint is already drying. My procrastination with this project had a lot to do with not being sure of the color I wanted. My solution was pouring all of the Benjamin Moore samples into the Behr sample I had of my bedroom color and creating my own custom shade of blue.

It's exactly how I wanted it to look!

(I just checked my archives; I first started to paint this table in March! That's procrastination for ya'!)


Anonymous said...

What a great way to decide on a paint color! And the blue turned out just gorgeous. (I own sooooo many samples...) :)

Catherine Slye said...

oh that's lovely...and with the red, excellent!