Thursday, October 18, 2007

Retail gifts for the creative and thrifty

In my sidebar, you can see some of the resources I use for home items and sometimes just for ideas. When answering different comments or questions on other blogs, I usually pipe up about one of these sources. I find if you are trying to achieve a specific look that you have seen in a magazine like Domino, instead of pinning away or scrimping and saving for that particular piece, why not look for a good replica in your price level?

The furnishings industry is doing a great job replicating the same looks for more budget-minded folks. Sometimes it's even the same merchandise, just marketed through a different name brand with a slightly different fabric, color, or name and a huge decrease in price.

So while, I'm still getting my actual place together* this week, I'm going to post some of the great finds that are out there RIGHT NOW** from some of my favorite resources. Have fun!

*You would not want to walk around my minefield of a living room, there are pieces of freshly painted furniture drying alongside picture frames I still haven't taken out of formation for my picture wall on the floor.
**Meaning: go now before they are gone!!

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Cate said...

There really is something for every budget if you look enough. I was recently surprised to see Mission style furniture at Target of all places! It was very low priced and the construction reflected that, but dang! the design was nice. A little tlc and some light refinishing could go a long way.