Saturday, October 27, 2007

The O Magazine No-Fuss makeover

The Before Shot

Not that bad, just so-so.

I love this makeover because it truly is no-fuss; anyone can do this. It is also as expensive or affordable as you want to make it because these kind of changes are possible whether shopping at IKEA or Jonathan Alder. It is your space from a different point of view. That's one of the reasons I am always begging friends to come look at my place, perhaps they'll see something that I have not.

This is exactly what stylist Lance Boyd saw in Elizabeth Fiore's apartment. More details and pictures via one hour, one day, one weekend.

The one hour changes:
  • Rearrange the seating arrangement
  • Create different "zones" (office moved to a corner)
  • Switch up the location of art pieces

The one day changes:
  • Create symmetry with accessories or art
  • Bring in more art groupings
  • Hang dramatic draperies high to emphasize the ceiling height
  • Bring the drapery color into the room with new pillows
  • Change the color of some furniture with paint

The one weekend changes:
  • Change the color of the walls with paint
  • Bring in a new color with a large patterned rug
  • Place a lighter slipcover on a couch or chair.
  • Exchange some furniture with airier more delicate pieces
I had been trying some of these ideas myself before I even saw this article, however, Lance Boyd (the stylist for this shoot), please still call me!

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