Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Streamlining The Slipcover

"In a mad fit, I wrenched the slipcover inside out and cut into it with a vengeance!"

The right side and the extra fabric supplied for fitting purposes.

Can you believe all of this was to be tucked in underneath the cushions?

After the extra has been trimmed off and pinned.

The left side surplus fabric.

All of the fabric now lying across the seat was also supposed to be tucked up under the cushions, but that was far too much fabric. I slit the slipcover two inches away from the elasticized portion that actually encases the cushions. Now the cushions will sit on top of the seat and the elasticized part will be brought up and over them. After this, the back portion should not ride up whenever the cushions move.

Well, at least that's the goal.

Because the surplus "tuck-in" fabric is gone, this is how the back should look like from now on. Before the fabric would come up from under the cushions and pool over onto the floor. What a mess!

Next step: Hand basting the slipcover.

1 comment:

becoming-home said...

I really wish I were as crafty as you, then I might even try to make outdoor cushions for my new patio set.

The last thing I tried to sew was in eight grade - a shirt. I did everything but sew the buttons on!

I'm not so good with the follow through :)