Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Small Cool Update

Laure's Sparkling Space Semi-Finalist!

Four of the nine Small Cool Apartment entries I posted here (ones I loved) have made it to the Semi-finals. Even some favorites (see above) that I didn't get around to posting made it! I am so happy. The winners of the contest should be posted on Thursday, May 17.

However, not all of the honorable mentions were posted last week as scheduled and now, on May 15, only half of the 16 semi-finalists have been posted.

I really do think that they should cut down the number of initial entries again or that each region should hold their own contest. As it was, only New York reached the 40 entries per region limit. The other regions were lucky to have 25 entries in the contest.

A long-time AT reader, Dr. Wende, just started a blog that I LOVE. She analyzes this whole contest and I hope AT pays attention to her tallies.

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