Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IKEA love, unrequited

The same time that I bought the IKEA RIBBA frames for my art I also decided to get some curtains for the warmer weather. I saw this great fabric design from IKEA's new Stockholm Collection. However, once I got these BLAD ($59.99) curtains home and open I realized that the design ended inches before the edge of each drape. Once on the rod, they have this huge white block in the middle that I didn't like. I also was not happy with how my 2nd choice, the shiny FELICIA ($49.99) orange shantung-like drapes looked with my more non-flashy furnishings.

So, on my way to my nieces' Sweet 16 birthday party I stopped by the blue box and exchanged them for these BOMULL drapes for only $14.99 a pair! They are pretty much muslin drapes, however, they are lined! I ended up choosing them over the very tempting LENDA drapes because they would match my drab living room walls and probably would not bring attention to the trim on the French doors and transom windows that the bright red drapes did.

However, if you are looking for inexpensive yet great looking drapes, I would suggest the LENDA, which looks and feels great in a soft 100% cotton chambray in some great neutrals.

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casacaudill said...

We have the Lenda curtains in our bedroom. I love them b/c they're white, so they let in light, but they aren't so sheer that people can see in.