Saturday, May 26, 2007

How do you like them apples?

I wrote about the company Plan59 back in June 2006.

Well, I just found out that last October they started a separate site to showcase old fruit crate labels. The site is called Box of Apples. I have a few postcard images of these labels that I framed years ago, but now it is possible to replace some of them in a larger size, if I wanted.

At this time, they have 84 images ready for reproduction. The only one on their site that I already have is Buddy. (seen above) I think I'm fine with the Buddy that I have, however, I will keep checking that site every once and a while. You should check it out. By the way, the company is out of Fairfax, VA.

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Joan A. said...

I've been following his blog for a couple years now, and bought a couple of prints. Very high quality, and stuff I like.