Monday, April 02, 2007

Mourning for the Lamont rug

Lamont rug, $10-$125

When looking for a living room rug, I looked at possible contenders.

One, the Lamont from Crate & Barrel has been around for as long as I can remember. A good 100% cotton rug that would be produced each season in the colors of their new home accessories collection.

Don't you remember? They would come out with new cutting boards, mixing bowls, table cloths, napkins and utensils in shades of currant, boysenberry, quince, and kiwi (or whatever colors were hot that season.) The Lamont would be produced in each of these colors and they would usually produce another rug that included all of the colors, similar to this one.

Monaco rug, $20-$200

For some reason Crate & Barrel is discontinuing the Lamont rug. Why, I have no idea. It has been their most accessible rug, a 5'x7' was only $60 and a 8'x10' could be bought for $125 . Note: Through their Outlet, some colors are now available for much less.

A few days before I ordered the "Earth and Sky" rug in my last post, I ordered two 2'x3' rugs, the Lamont in yellow and one of the Monaco. I wanted to see if they might work in a larger size as my living room rug. Of course, they weren't what I really wanted so I eventually ordered the E&S one. However, I ordered them in the smaller size so that if they did not work out I could still keep them, one for my landing strip and the other for my bedside.


Anonymous said...

I hear yeh! I am sooo upset about the loss of this rug. The price was great along with the colors. I've had a red, orange and green (favorite) at some time or another but I'm now at a loss as to what to replace my poor green one with since its now wrecked from my dog's muddy prints. I think I'm going to have to break down and try washing it but if it shrinks, there'll be tears. I'm hanging on to it for dear life right now! There is absolutely nothing out there that in anyway resembles it. What was Crate & Barrel thinking!

True Player said...

haha i thought i was the only one mourning the Lamont. my orange one finally wore out and i dont like that the new Olin is only avail in b/w stripes :( its basically the same deal as Lamont, but no solids