Wednesday, April 04, 2007

If I could, I would.

65" Lenox $849 Room & Board

69" Camden $899 Crate & Barrel

74" Vandyke $849 Eurway

73" Bantam $1,400 DWR
(In my dreams.)


Cassie said...

I had a pic of the DWR couch posted on my fridge for weeks. I finally gave up and bought a nice camera instead.

Maybe some day...after my cats die and I win the lottery.

Adrienne Zurub said...

I like he bantham, different color though. The American Leather website has the 'Menlo Park' that I absolutely wet myself over. When I sell these ONE MILLION BOOKS, that Menlo Park is MINE!
author of 'NOtes From the MotherShio~Naked Invisibles' release September 2007.