Sunday, February 18, 2007

Small Homes that Live Large

I love how small homes, not McMansions, are getting more popular. Of course, what is considered small is relative. My idea of small would be someone else's idea of a shack. But what is important is that some people truly get it. That with the world currently holding more than 6.5 billion people, in order to preserve our natural resources we will have to get used to living smaller, living slower, using less, and using more responsibly. Of course, those can be two different issues, 1) a small house and 2) a Green house and more power to the people who achieve both goals in one.

I will be tackling the Small issue. Last week in the bookstore, I saw this great magazine, The Best of Fine Home Building magazine Small Homes that Live Large homes under 2,500 sq. ft (catchy title, huh?) It is only available on the magazine stand. The designs within are great, even though I think 2,500 sq ft is pushing the description of small. They have also published
More Small Houses, a compilation of 31 articles they have printed on the small home in the past.

The 720 sq. foot house above is the Bartlett Cottage house plan by Ross Chapin Architects, an architectural firm in Washington state. They design and build homes (small homes, bungalows, cottages) that seem like the type where neighbors borrow cups of sugar to make brownies that they then share with their neighbors at the block party later. They range in size from 700 sq ft of heated space to 2,400 sq ft. I believe their smallest is the Betty Lu at 708 sq ft. It is a one story house, consisting of a bedroom, living room, covered patio, dining alcove, small study and an open kitchen.

Tiny but well designed.

Credits: Floor plan and all home photos are from Ross Chapin Architects.


Amber said...

I really admire this posting.
When I was in high school I read an article about this type of housing and was amazed at how much room there was in such a small house.

I really appreciate you writing about this topic, I might have never otherwise found this information.

Jackie said...

Ross Chapin's smallest house is actually 449 square feet. They also have a couple studio and a garage apartment plans too.

Jackie :)

lee woo said...

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