Saturday, October 28, 2006

More AT Fall Color entries

Yes, the Apartment Therapy contest is still going on. Here are some more entries that I can't stop looking at.

I like how this first example uses color in their furniture and accessories but not on the walls.

#16 - Anna and Victor's Bright and Cozy Delight

These two rooms below were given grief in the comments because there was "no color". There seemed to be a lot of people who did not consider neutrals as color. If not, then what are tan, khaki, cream, gray, and brown doing in a crayon box?
When I hear those names, I think colors. Don't you?

#25 - Marco and Clinton's Eclectic, 40's Inspiration

#26 - Elizabeth and Toby's "Enough Bright, Enough Calm" Space

Well, they can't deny that these three have color.

#50 - Spon & Andy's Lagoon Blue Loft

#14 - Alicia's "Finished" Sewing Studio

#14 - Adam's Kaleidoscope

And last but not least, my early pick for the first prize.

The rules say they are looking for the boldest, coolest, most colorful room? Well, this is it!

#19 - Brooke's Brave Blast of Brightness

Good luck to everyone, there are only a few days left!

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