Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Color Contest at Apartment Therapy

My favorites so far...

# 20 - Al & Aja's Ocean, Sky, Trees & Grass

#13 Lizz's "Warm & Handsome" Apartment

#1 - Tyler's Color Fueling Station

#14 - Sarah's Signature Secret Weapon

#8- Tricia's Dressed-up Palette

#7 - Mod Diva's Pug-A-Licious Pad

Honorable Mention:

#4 - Irena's Happy Vibe

*If you read the comments on the site, beware. There have been some very negative and rude commentators that have invaded the normally helpful community.


Erin T said...

Nice recap Lisa! These are some of my favorite entries too. I had forgotten about some of the ones you posted here because now there are almost 200 entries. Of course, many have been added since you posted. It will be interesting to see who makes it to the finals. It's a fun contest for gathering ideas!

cardboard said...

I too love Sarah's Secret Weapon and I'm so perplexed that it's being voted an overwhelming NO WAY, JOSE. Strange. Sometimes I think I have a good sense of what the majority thinks and then...guess it must be the pink.