Saturday, September 02, 2006

Researching high-end paints the cheap way

For smaller projects like the ones I have shown on this blog I have used sample pots. Another great use for samples is using them to find out if those high-end ($$$) paints are worth it when it comes to painting the walls of your home. Here are the paint manufacturers I have found that offer sample pots of their lines.

Pantone Paints coming soon. Created in partnership with Fine Paints of Europe (see below)


Ellen Kennon

Cox Paints

California Paints

Fine Paints of Europe

Farrow & Ball

Ralph Lauren

Pratt & Lambert

If you fall in love with one of these colors and wish to use it on a much larger surface, but still do not want to pay the price, don't forget to use On their site you can find similar colors made by different manufactures all rated on a 0 to 100% matching scale. They can also help you locate dealers that can reproduce any color on their site. They also publish the paint formulations of most of these brands. Which means that you can have some of these colors mixed up in a much cheaper paint at your local Big Box store.

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For the $28 to get them, you cannot go wrong with six sample pots. The colors are divine, the colors are divine, the colors are divine. I also believe this is a pure pigment paint - meaning the color will be the same in darker corners as it is in sunlight - no black mixed in..