Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finding inspiration on eBay and the newsstand

When you are about to tackle a HUGE project it is best to be inspired to succeed.

1st Inspiration:

While searching for sofa reupholstering information, I found the above sofa. See the similarity between that and mine...the rolled arms? I prefer rectangular block arms so I needed to find a rolled armed sofa that I liked. I also like the way this sofa looks without all the cushions, which in my case are lumpy cushions.

2nd Inspiration:

A great redo of a traditional sofa showed up in the pages of the fall/winter 06 issue of Real+Life Decorating, unfortunately, they don't have pictures available on the Web so I had to scan it in. They not only covered a camelback sofa in an incredible chili-red velvet color but they also painted the wood legs to match. Then they added a great patterned gold/red/brown bolster to lay across the back.

I am thinking that if I take my loveseat above and...
  • Strip and recover the base of the loveseat in a great solid color,
  • make one bench cushion for the seat; eliminating the sliding around that the two cushions do now, and
  • remove the lumpy back cushions and replace them with one fabulous funky bolster across the back...I just might be able to fall in love with my loveseat.
What do you think?


Christina said...

I think it would be lovely -- a real eyecatcher. I do wonder about the cost, though. Would it ultimately be more cost effective to find something closer to the ultimate design you're looking for? Of course, if you can do all or some of this yourself, ignore me.

("long time listener, first time caller")

lsaspacey said...

I am going to do the work myself. It is really doable, just time consuming and messy. Besides, the sofas that I want are around $1,250 and this will be only about $250 to $400. I priced quality foam, it was reasonable and the frame is well constructed. The price will be determined most by my fabric choice.

Also the loveseat is the perfect size for this apartment and since I will be moving out of state in two years the loveseat will travel better than a full-size couch. When I do upgrade (sofa & living space), I'm sure there will be somewhere for it to live. Perhaps in my bedroom?