Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Week Three Update

I know that I am very, very behind in the Cure. I just finished my spring semester and finals.

Week One tasks

  • My sister reminded me that she was the one that gave me the lamp, and she would rather have it back than I throw it out. Do I need to put another item outside of the apartment?

Week Two tasks

  • Kitchen has not been cleaned. Will do this weekend.
  • I have not purchased a water filter but I already use a Brita pitcher.
  • My outbox is being fed regulary.
  • I have not chosen a date for my housewarming.
Week Three tasks
  • I did get one repair done: the bathroom sink. I called apartment maintenance and it was fixed that same day.
  • I need to buy the shelf for my landing strip.

Last week I tried to create a floor plan tool for my apartment (One-Room Remedy). I have a good one drawn on paper, but I wanted one as a document I could play with onscreen. After seeing Bri & Chad’s colorful and patterned room layout from "smallest coolest" I wanted to have one like that; a more realistic picture of my space.

So I looked into the AT suggested programs Visio and Smart Draw. Visio looked too extensive and detailed so I signed up for the Smart Draw free trial. However, during its 7-day time period, it almost drove me crazy. I have created layouts with the design tools on the Better Homes & Gardens and Storehouse web sites more easily. Perhaps it could have worked out if I was not as busy and the trial was longer than a week.

Last week I did finish the curtains for my bookcases.

However, I am rethinking the half curtains after seeing this in the new Real Simple magazine.

I vow that I will catch up or perhaps be two weeks behind in the Cure. (I'll see how this weekend goes.) I do have a few weeks before the summer semester starts.


Jon said...

hey- thanks for linking my blog! Good luck with your "cure"- looks great so far! I love that idea from Real Simple- I tore that out too...

lsaspacey said...

Why thanks, I adore your blog. How did your parents like their new living room? What was the first thing they said? I loved it by the way. I want someone to give me a budget and let me redesign their rooms. Better yet someone to give me money to redesign MY rooms. Hah!

Chuck said...

Thanks for sharing your room design tools - they are very helpful.

Jon said...

you know, i haven't really found a easy room design tool. For my IER project, i just "cut" and "pasted" pieces i found on the web. used ones that fit had the correct angle. but i guess just a simple moodboard and some good ol graph paper could do just as well- in the end though, i find just moving furniture and physically trying different options around works best- sometimes whats on paper still doesn't translate to reality...