Saturday, April 29, 2006

Your miles are about to expire...

That was the heading of the e-mail I received weeks ago from USAirways. Unfortunately, I've been so busy I haven't been able to deal with it yet. The offer they gave me is I can keep my miles and earn new ones if I:

1) sign up for their new credit card No
2) arrange a trip now No $
3) buy from their partners hmm....

One of their vendors is FTD, so I thought, I need flowers for the Cure and need to keep those 3,000 miles, so why not?

Well, guess how surprised I was to find out that fav designer Todd Oldham (who is EVERYwhere these days) has designed a collection of floral arrangements for them. True to Todd's style, they are not ordinary, each one is arranged so creatively. He uses colanders, birdhouses, mini-bundt pans, Pyrex measuring cups, and teapots as vases. So along with the beautiful flowers, the recipient (or you) also gets something besides yet another glass vase. Either free kitchen utensils, a free teapot, or a free birdhouse for outside the window. Score!

Measure of Happiness

Blooming Birdhouse

Springtime Culinary Creation

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vástago said...

I am designer, and your blog it is re-interesting to open the mind for tastes.
A hug.