Friday, April 14, 2006

What a way to get motivated

After rereading the tasks for Week One, I got motivated to clean my bathroom when I got home from work. I also deep conditioned my hair at the same time. Believe me; normally just eating an actual dinner after work is an amazing feat for me. I know I have to deep-clean my kitchen in Week 2, so I guess I was just in the mood to clean.

While cleaning the bathroom, I started to remove the bottles of hair products, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other products from under the sink. Well, as I grabbed the ones in cardboard boxes, they squished…they were wet, cold, and clammy. It seems I have had a leak and from the looks of the back wall, (plywood?) it’s been going on for a while because a waterline has been creeping up the surface.

Way to be positive, I now have Item #1 for the The Cure Repair list, to be solved by my apartment management.

Item #2 is a floor lamp I have had for years. So long that I can’t even remember how I came to have it. Well, it’s wiring has looked suspect all this time, so I don’t actually use it.

It SHOULD be the item I “remove from the apt and put
outside” but I love how the base lights up by itself, like a nightlight. I decided that I get to keep it if I rewire it (which will make it the one thing “ I fix in my apt myself” for Week 2. Yeah!

The item I “remove from the apt and put outside” will be my 27" living room TV that very recently died. Of course this happens right after I discovered a way to minimize its influence over the room. I’m definitely not paying to have it fixed, since it was given to me from a family member who himself received it as a prize.

Look into earth-friendly cleaning products
I already try to
use as many as I can. I have been using Seventh Generation dishwashing and laundry detergents for years now. I highly suggest them if you hate the chemically manufactured scents of other cleaners.

More good news!

The pile of junk that filled my front hall is slowly disappearing. Yeah! Each day I take a pile down to the trash in the morning and it’s clearing out quite well. Finally, I had about ten Real Simple magazines, that I had already plucked through two months ago, that were still sitting there.


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Alicia said...

Wow -- just reading all this makes me feel like such a lump! I must motivate and follow suit! Thanks for the inspiration.