Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Future HGTV House Hunting Episode

My unemployment has led me to watching a lot of HGTV. Shows such as Property Virgin, Love It or List It, Property Brothers, and Househunters (domestic and international editions.)

One thing I've noticed is how I judge the house hunters on how flexible they are in their searches. The majority of them expect to go out and find a house specifically designed for them; the 2nd largest group has eyes that are bigger than their budgets (everything must be high-end and move-in ready), and only a small minority can see the benefit of getting a house short of their ideals and then remaking it specifically for themselves.

Even when the house buyers have been thinking of their dream homes for months or years, they still come up with so-called "deal breakers" that they didn't think of beforehand. After seeing realtor frustration in show after show, I took some time to see just how difficult I might be if the time come.

I have separated the lists into the following categories:

Deal Breakers (Do not even show me these things)

• A new build in a development
• Attached home - need natural light
• Flat roof - prone to snow and rain issues
• Dark rooms with no possibility of natural light, via windows
• Low ceilings - less than 9'
• Tricked-out kitchen - I would have to strip and sell to get what I want
• Small rooms - none smaller than 12' x 12'
• Too close to street - need some front yard, a stoop or porch

Negatives (Not happy but will look)

• No overhead lighting - a big hassle and $$$$ to fix
• Small closets
Carpeted rooms

Must Haves

• Detached home
• Good neighborhood
• Lots of natural light wood floors - fair condition and above
• Porch - front, side, or back
• High ceilings 9' plus
• Modest fenced yard
• Paved driveway
• 2-3 bedrooms of decent size
• Decent sized closets throughout - walk-ins not necessary

Dream Details

• Craftsman style details
• 1920's built-ins
• Under-stair hidden storage
• Pocket door/barn door to gain space
• Screened or glassed-in porch
• Kitchen with character
• Garage/workshop

Images: Chapin Homes


Unknown said...

We all have different preferences when it comes to our home. I must agree that it’s not good, but there are times when we'd come across unexpected deals. It’s nice to see your plans for your new house, by the way. I hope you’ll be able to get these features in your new home. Good luck! :)

Leslie Myers

Unknown said...

When you’re flexible with the home requirements, you’re opening yourself to more house choices. It might make it harder to choose your final house, but it'd be a means for you to own the perfect house for you. On the other hand, it’s nice to have fixed requirements for your home. You just have to be patient enough to find your dream home in time. :)

Unknown said...
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