Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cool Blue

Yes. I am only on the first 2 oz. sample pot and I still have two more pots of the Benjamin Moore Blue Spa paint left.

Since I am using tiny sample pots that might run out, I am doing the first thru final coats on the cross bars as I work down the stool. The section you just looked at is pretty much done. The legs will be worked on bit by bit as I go along.

The seat will need a light sanding and then a final FINAL coat of paint, which will be the last thing I do.

I think this photo is closer to the true color.

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Anonymous said...

I was told by IKEA that their units are not paintable in other colours as the veneer is too thin. It is great to hear that you had such a good experience painting these, gives me a good incentive to try it out. :)

Kiki, Seattle, WA