Monday, March 21, 2011

Seriously, You Want Me To Live THERE?!

Currently, I'm looking for a smaller (and cheaper) apartment. At this time, I've only gone to see one in person. It was not encouraging. The ad I responded to did not have pictures and after I saw it, I totally understood why. The agent showing the place was late for my appointment so I piggy-backed on to her next one and the other girl and I were in and out of there in less than 10 minutes, all the time in shock. Gawd, at least paint the place first!

However, recently they posted pictures because presumably they must have gotten desperate. Let me show you what I witnessed.

The Description I Read:

Cute 2-Story Studio Apartment Available Now! Walkable to VCU! $600 rent includes water, sewer, and trash. Pet friendly with a one-time fee!

What I saw:

1st floor, living room w/ closet

What you see is all you get, that is the extent of the floor space. See the open door? Object in foreground is the angular staircase to the 2nd floor. Wish they had pictures of that, the individual steps were half the length they should have been, the whole thing was steep, and would have been almost impossible to walk up if sick (or drunk, since this is being marketed to college students.) The only plus was the ceiling was high, so that wall shelving system could cover a lot of space; needed because of that ONE tiny closet for your...well everything!

2nd floor, bedroom/living space

Ok, this room is a tiny bit bigger than seen in the picture, though I doubt enough for a double bed and decent walking room. It's really just a little bit over a foot to the right and in the foreground to the stair rail. Note the stylish ceiling fan.

The lovely kitchen and bathroom.

Note the width of the bathroom, it is almost exactly the width of the kitchen. I think they were trying to make the kitchen look bigger by not showing the other side. Ha!

That was the extent of the tour. Lovely, ain't it? If you've seen my apartment in any earlier posts, you know that my place is at least three times this size including two 8 foot wide by 10 foot high closets plus a small linen closet. Most important to know, my apartment was only $80 more in rent at the time. What nerve wanting $600 for that shoebox! So, this is definitely not THE one!  


ATG said...

Gives new meaning to shoebox, doesn't it?

dawg803 said...

I feel your pain... I just finished my apartment hunting experience.. thank goodness! For anyone looking to relocate in NC check out this Raleigh Apartments site... I love it here so far!!

PS love your blog.. i have also been thrift store shopping and there is no better feeling than finding something just as cute as pottery bar stuff for $100 less :)