Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slumlords Beware!

Yeah! Something to be glad about. Richmond Slumlord Watch!

Two years ago I took pictures of empty commercial buildings on West Grace Street near my home and submitted them to Vacant Richmond. That blog provided a place for you to search for and locate all vacant properties in the city. However, they were not able to keep on top of the current state of all the properties and their landlords/owners' involvement, so they closed down the site.

Now I find that RSW has taken up the cause, spurred on by the already existing Baltimore Slumlord Watch. Though they may not be a comprehensive catalog of the properties, they do highlight particular properties and supply the info on the owners and the property's status. I love that they are covering this issue as it is a big one for this city. Many of the city blocks near my apartment seem almost 60-70% empty. Perhaps there are tenants living in the apartments above but the businesses below are empty. We truly don't need more retail operations being built in the downtown area as there are enough empty storefronts to last a long time. In fact, even though some are questionably painted, at least they're trying.


Anonymous said...
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ATG said...

I don't see my apartment complex on there

Monica said...

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