Friday, October 09, 2009

The 1950s As Lived In The 80s

Images from my scrapbooks:

Songwriter/artist Allee Willis' cool, pink North Hollywood home, a Streamline Moderne-styled abode designed in 1937 by William Kesling. It was featured in two different magazines that I had during the 80s. Her new place and her new Museum of Kitsch were just featured in the LA Times and linked to on Shelteriffic so I decided to get my pages out, scan them and try to clean up the images a bit so I could show them here and on Flickr. I hope you enjoy.


In this picture and the next, her own motorized painting/sculpture designs.

The wire boomerang bar!

Kidney bean table and Memphis-like chairs she designed.

Isn't that bed amazing?!

I once had a chance to buy two pink sofas like hers when I was just out of the dorms. Hot pink nubby barkcloth loveliness! They were at a yard sale; I can't remember the price but I can just imagine how cheap that price would seem now!

Ooh, look! More recent photos from the December 1999 issue of Channels magazine.

(Image: Splash Magazines Worldwide)

The back of her bright pink William Kesling house.

Images: Elyse Lewin from Cosmopolitan magazine 198?; David Glumb from Mademoiselle magazine, April 1983

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Let's Figure this Mugg Out! said...

Wow! Love seeing those photos (tho they're olddddd and there's so much more to see now!). Only the very last photo of the outside of the house is fairly recent. One of the people sitting at the table is Jennifer Coolidge. You should definitely visit where I have tons of photos of things in the house up. It's a mini social network so you should have a good time there. Thanks for posting these photos. It was a trip to see them.

Allee Willis