Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Does It Ever End?

Due to some last minute signatures needed from the VA State government, I had to stay home today from work. So, yes even more money I won't get paid this week.

So I am taking the time to get rid of some clutter and stuff around the house. There are so many surfaces, boxes, and closets that need to be dug through and pared down. For the longest time, just the thought of doing this could paralyze me. I've decided to work slow, moving from one area to another, and taking small breaks (like this one!) as I go. Wish me luck.


Perfectly Me said...

Good luck, I'm in the process of doing the same and was just in the middle of writing a blog post about it!

Gwen said...

I wish you much luck!

Why S? said...

I've been doing the same thing, yet it's starting to sink in that maybe I'm just moving piles around.