Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knocked it out of the park...

Country Living's new issue that is!

Yes, I'm still liking this magazine. And to do my part in keeping it around I again bought a copy at full newsstand price*.

Check out that cover! If that bedroom is "country" living, count me in. I love the regional neighborhood feel of the whole magazine. This is not fast and furious, disposable living that they're writing about. This is small town life, something I would love to embrace in my real life. I currently live in a small town that for some reason wants to run with the big dogs but has no idea how to do it. They keep making big pronouncements and throwing insane amounts of money into the air without taking care of the infrastructure or making concrete plans for the cash.

Oh well...I can still dream while I sit back with a cool drink and read my latest copy of Country Living and my special treat issue of Lucky.

One of the many DIY projects in this month's issue uses a book I had when I was a kid, How To Tell Time, from Golden Books. It already had spinnable clock hands on the cover; therefore, it was a perfect choice to make into a real clock with a store bought clock kit. I wonder if this is one of the books I still have at my Dad's house?

*Now that I know those advertisers don't give a fig about "cheap" subscribers I'll try to do this as much as I can.


Anonymous said...

I'm still loving CL too. And I'm pretty sure I had that book myself :)

jen said...

i bought an issue of CL from november (i think) and i was surprised at how much i loved it. i think it's moderned up a bit, but still has that small town, country thing going on.

i just canceled my subscription to MS Living. i was hard b/c i've been getting it for years but the past few issues felt different. very modern and it has fashion now which i cannot relate to! plus it's expensive. maybe i'll poke around the current CL to see if it'll be my replacement - i love getting a magazine in the mail! (though i applaud you paying for the full price - it's sad to see things like favorite mags go away.)