Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fools rush in...

This weekend I picked up a copy of Country Living magazine, which drew me in with its The Big Bargain Issue cover line. Flipping through it, the content and feel of the magazine seemed different. Of course while flipping through it I kept racking my brain trying to remember if this magazine was still in business or should I just back away from the magazine before I got my heart broken again.

In fact, the reason the magazine looks and feels different is that they got a new editor-in-chief and guess who it is?

Sarah Gray Miller!

Yes, THAT Sarah Gray Miller, founder of a little mag called Budget Living, the very first magazine that ended up crushing my little heart.

So SGM,** (yes, first name basis here) I expect a lot from you and your team. I like what I see so far, so I'll definitely be checking in.

Some of the treats I found in this issue:

Sweeps to win this specialty quilt kit on pg. 18
The 4th CL Women Entrepreneurs conference on pg. 23
DIY projects using discarded objects and furniture on pp. 67, 78, 80, and 86
Food "Just like Mom used to make" on pg. 134
Glorious gingham, pg. 122

So go out and "Help A Mag Today," by purchasing it on the newsstand, as those seem to be the only sales that really count!

* Don't worry, I won't be subscribing. I'll buy it on the newsstand, just so I can keep them in business.
** By the way, is she wearing a Wiksten Tova shirt in her editor-in-chief portrait?

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Anonymous said...

I've fallen hard for the new CL magazine and yes, I even subscribed. I really hope that isn't going to be its kiss of death.