Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So, it's happening all over the world

I went to the website of New Zealand magazine, Your Home & Garden to put a link to their great projects on my blog when I noticed an announcement that they would be dismantling the website component of the magazine! If you remember, I mentioned the mag in this post.

So I'm giving you the link to their projects and to the excellent slideshow galleries. I suggest you go and check out everything there as soon as possible. Because unless you can afford the international subscription rate*, that will be the end of your acquaintance with this incredible magazine.

* One year (24 issues) = $49.95 subscription cost plus the $150.05 freight/shipping charge!


Renovation Therapy said...

I got a postcard in the mail from Cottage Living say they were sending Coastal Living in it's place OR I could request a cash refund of the balance issues.

Renovation Therapy said...

Wow, so many little time...