Monday, October 27, 2008

Tricks of the trade - revealed

For this post I'm going to direct you to these posts by fellow Richmond bloggers, John and Sherry at This Young House, who I mentioned before here.

Their beautiful home was just photographed for use in Better Homes & Gardens' Do It Yourself magazine and they supplied the behind-the-scenes details used in styling their home for the two-day photo shoot. Very interesting stuff.

My favorite were these two pictures. Note the relationship of the coffee table to the sofa to the window in the first pic. It seems that sometimes to get the right look in one picture, the furniture isn't actually where you would think it would be in real life.

Very good to know. So, the next time you use those floor diagrams and photos in Domino to set up your apartment, don't panic when it doesn't work out. It probably didn't work out in real life either.

John and Sherry, thanks for sharing your lovely home!


Swestie said...

Your comment about moving things for a specific shot is SO true. That's probably why it took them two days to light and photograph one home! My childhood home was used in commercials for a department store once. They rearranged our whole house for this, and only ended up showing about six feet of space in the shots used. And once when I got to assist a national photographer for a shoot in a museum, same thing. That's why I love photos that show what stuff might really look like - like in dwell... sometimes the cords are show messy, just like in real life. Or like the giant shoe wardrobe in the current Domino with her scarves and belts hung willy nilly over one shelf bracket.

Anne Marie said...

I agree, it does look a bit staged. But it is a beautiful home; very cozy and inviting.