Monday, October 20, 2008

Pure Design in Canada

I sometimes mourn the fact that I don't have cable (by choice) and miss out on the great home improvement shows we have in the US, but unfortunately, now I have to think about the Canandian shows that I'm missing too. There was one I loved a while back, the Peter Fallico-hosted Room To Go, which was perfect for me. It was all about temporary home design projects for renters that you could take with you to your new apartment. However, when Peter bought his own home, he changed the format of the show and it became Home to Stay. It now seems his most recent show is on house flipping (Home to Flip). I don't think I'll miss that one, I guess things are very different in Canada right now.

However, HGTV Canada does still have a show that would appeal to me, Pure Design. Here's the site's description of show host Samantha Pym and her hopes for the show:

Sam believes in approachable, layered decorating that brings in personal touches for a glam effect. She's also well-known for her creativity in developing easy, do-it-yourself projects that any homeowner can do. In the first season of her show, Sam is excited and enthusiastic about taking on the challenge of transforming thirteen everyday rooms into sustainable living spaces with piles of personality and flair. For Sam, sustainability is about making the best choices you can, starting with changes as simple as rethinking what you have or making over a second-hand piece, while still getting gorgeous results.

I will have to get my fix from checking out the website after the episodes air. You know...when I have the time.

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