Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Have To Know More About These Lamps. Help!



What I do know: These lamps were made in the 1950-60s, sometimes can be found under the description of amber optic glass, the style may be Hollywood Regency, these possess a 3-way switch diffuser light (a nite-lite) in the bottom globe, brass hardware, and an ornate base. Usually around 28" high and 20" to 40" in diameter.

These lamps are everywhere! Someone has to know something else about these. If you do, please contact me at SHELTER via Thanks!

Jessica and Andrius' Apartment Therapy house tour

Bravo's Top Design

Now that I know it also comes in green, I am really curious. Can you imagine the beauty if it also came in pale blue? Yum!

Here is a similar one I found:


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Gorgeous. Will keep my eye out for you.

Also ran over here to kvetch. AT is going through another cycle where every commenter has to crap all over everything that doesn't come in a neat little bow from DWR. Ugh.

I think I'd like the site more if they didn't allow comments.

lsaspacey said...


I agree about AT. They just asked me to approve a new privacy policy to keep my logon and I decided to unsubscribe. I can't read those comments anymore and I'm scared if I do comment that some of those people will start to visit my sites. said...

Wandered into a fancy-schmany store in Connecticut and took some pics of the lamp that is VERY similar to yours. Email and I'll send you the pictures of the manufacturer name & stuff. I think it must be the same company. Here's the store:

Sara said...

Hi! I just bought an amber lamp just like this today at Salvation Army. The base & stem have been painted black, so I can't see the brand stamp. I was curious & found your blog with my googling. I got it for $3! Happy hunting!