Friday, August 29, 2008

Tile-based makeover?

Country Living

A lot of people when contemplating redoing this room would have scrapped the floor tile along with the paneling and started from fresh in this bathroom. However, someone took this room with its great tile and bones, made a few changes with a new pedestal sink, matching hardware, and one big change in paint color and look what they got.

In this makeover, the tile became the ultimate star of the room once the right paint color helped bring out its' beauty. Unfortunately, Country Living let me down and didn't give the name of that glorious brownish-gray color; not in the article, the back of the magazine's source page, or on the website. The article does mention the Ralph Lauren Home paint line, so I suppose looking through those might help. Here are a few that I think might be close: Stone, Stonewall, Weathered Stone, or Exposed, all from the Urban Loft collection.

Country Living


Why S? said...

Wow! That all really works well together! I'm glad they had the foresight to keep the tile and work with it.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I love that tile, I'm so glad to see they did such a good job working with it! I am hoping to find some tile that cool for my backsplash when I redo my kitchen (someday).