Friday, July 25, 2008

Hmmm.... easy change?

Casa Oh Happy Day!

Over at Oh Happy Day!, Jordan has become the first blogger I know of that has tried the Sherwin-Williams EasyChange, easy-to-remove temporary wallpaper. I did some research on that product a few years ago, but could not find anywhere in my apartment to try it out on. There was no possibility of me doing a whole room or even a wall since the only available walls are almost 13 feet tall. Also the swatches were daunting online, so many... Even when I went to the store and sat down with the books there were so many (in my opinion) ugly ones, and WAY too many border prints! Seriously, there are roughly 47 collections available with 80 to 130 patterns in each!

Her inspiration, Chloƫ Sevigny's home

I may have to take a better look this time. Perhaps I could just buy some and fill in the panels on my highly offensively painted closet doors, I could find a pattern that would work in all the rooms and therefore connect the entryway with the pantry and my bedroom? Fill in a few rectangles and square panels and have instant style (and peace)? Cheap and easy? Sounds good to me!

I'll look around and post some possibilities in the days (weeks, who am I kidding?!) to come.

Images: Oh Happy Day!, House&Garden

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I love Chloe's hallway, I cut that page out of the magazine and saved it my "lust" file.