Thursday, June 12, 2008

Esty Art for the Home

These Etsy artists have caught my eye. At the time, I don't have the money to buy any of these (although they are incredibly affordable) but I thought someone should! They would make great additions to a home wishing to add something timeless to the mix.

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A few months ago I saw these images from Oh Kirby. The images are mostly of historical dress as in her Historical Ladies of Fashion series and have a vintage "paper doll" quality. In fact, the artist produces some as individual figurines in her Paper Doll Girl series (unfortunately, without the extra outfits.)

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Then there is the melancholy beauty of annejulie. Her images are strong and lush, yet delicate in their handling. Note the lacey dragonflies as eyelid and lashes in the lovely Souvenirs. See more of her beautiful imagery at her website, Ma petite theiere. Don't worry that the site is in French as she publishes an English translation under each post.

These are Canadian photographer
Jennifer Squires' images. Jennifer sent me a sweet email about her photographs of spring flowers (yes, months ago!) but I was more intrigued with her photographs of less typical images, such as the shopping cart and the image of a smoked salmon sandwich.

I fell in love with the images of johanna wright a few years ago. I swear I will buy one of her pieces soon.

Last night, I discovered artist Jennifer Judd-McGee's Swallowfield shop. She offers beautiful archival prints of her collages and drawings and these two are my favorites.

So, go on and buy yourself your Etsy art, because I can't.

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