Saturday, May 03, 2008

Small Cool Contest 2008: Part II

Here are some choice entries from the South and the Midwest states.


Southwest #9: Gretchen's "The Place I Call Home" Digging this “headboard.” (Even though those curtains have shown up three times in the contest I still think I need to go and buy them again. There must be some way I can use them. With my color scheme, they are just made for my apartment. Hmmm....)

Southwest #16: Courtney & Alex's Eccentric Pad Another creative headboard idea. These electric light-up branches are still available at World Market. I hope we can get a tutorial from them on how they worked that with all the plugs involved .

Southwest #17: Matthew's Cartoonist Corner I am in love with the floor plan for his apartment! Also check out the Kermit phone, his cool 1970s phonograph, and the infamous Italian “Fragile” lamp. Southwest Finalist

Southwest #30: Jordan's Ordo Ab Chao Another great drawn floor plan! This is similar to the ones I draw but I haven't mastered the second angled 3-D-like look yet. Southwest Finalist


Midwest #6 - Rachel's Grad School Getaway Midwest Finalist

Midwest #2 - Lizzie's Cozy Chicago Hideaway Love the toys and the rug.

Midwest #13: Kelly's Ghost Lounge This is probably my favorite entry this year. Just plain beautiful.

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Jenni said...

I don't really like the light up headboard. (reds and yellow lights on twigs) It just doesn't look comfortable. Actually that room set looks like it should have been straightened up a bit before a photo was made for a contest. The sheets are wrinkled, a cord is on the floor, etc.

Do you think that designers are over the decoratorishness (what a word) of AT? That being the reason most of the entries were from real people.