Saturday, May 10, 2008

No comments about the Small Cool Contest?

Wow. I'm surprised.

I spent quite some time putting together my thoughts on this year's Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2008 contest entries this year. My goal was to pick out some details from spaces that that I liked and I ended up surprised with how many I ended up listing. I originally was thinking just one post for all but the shear numbers made that impossible. There were so many cute spaces.

After my comments about AT's earlier contests, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of interior designer and architect showrooms this time. Last year's contest seemed more like free advertising for company design portfolios. This year, most homes seemed to be inhabited by real people, were lived in, and possessed actual points of view.

So, come on...what did you think?


Anonymous said...

there were sooo many entries that i sort of lost interest, that said...i really liked the Chicago entry...the one that was in the Wilco building

minhus said...

I also sort of lost interest in the contest before the end. And while I also enjoyed seeing more real homes and fewer architect/designer ones, I also felt less inspired by this year's crop of entries.

That being said there were some homes I really enjoyed and was inspired by, I can't remember all of them at this point, but Lisette's Pied a Terre and Ana and Bob's Bay Area Nest were on the list.

While pretty, I also got tired of seeing more vignettes than living spaces, and the snarky comments get old too.

Christina said...

It was overwhelming. I'm sure I didn't see even a quarter of the homes features, and for many of them, if I wasn't immediately grabbed with the first picture, I didn't read on. But I appreciate you picking out some of the gems.

Christina said...

"quarter of the homes featureD," that is.

Furniture27 said...

Two things happened. There were so many entries to keep up with. That and I have been really busy. I was an innocent bystander watching. I should have commented more for sure.

Ana said...

Thanks minhus!

Someone said in a post on AT that it seemed that eventually this contest will be only filled with entries from the rich/architect set.

Which is a terrible shame. I believe the spirit of the contest is about how you deal with the cards you have on a BUDGET...I am not rich, I don't have white walls and furniture and I don't own an eames and I still think my place is pretty cool.

We made it as a finalist but I'm not holding out for a win.