Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time saver, water saver, and all around good thing

I just saw this on Erwin House.

I'm famous for taking long showers. I have in fact been late to many an appointment because I would step out of the shower (which I need to fully wake up in the morning,) look at the clock in horror, and then have to rush out like a demon.

The one I did have didn't have an alarm and it kept falling off the shower wall. This one is cute but I would like to find one a little cheaper, but that's just me.

The company also makes a four-minute timer. Only four minutes!? It takes you up to 24 hours to get dirty and in only four minutes, poof, you are clean? Am I the only person who thinks that is too short?


Christina said...

It's adorable! me crazy...isn't $20 a little expensive for a timer? Yes, it has a suction cup and is water-resistant. But I could buy a plain old kitchen timer (or use the one I already have) and just sit it outside the shower -- I'd still be able to hear it when it goes off.

Christina said...

...duh, which is exactly what you said in your post; forgive me for skimming!

What I really need is something that shuts off the water after a certain amount of time. Because when I get in a shower groove, a little ol' timer won't stop me.

lsaspacey said...

Christina, they do have those but they're quite pricey, Goggle "shower timer" to find them.