Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Inkling for the Table

I am so happy that I finally finished painting that blue dining/sewing table. That project had been on my list for over a year. I kept putting it off because it would put a delay in my sewing. You know, like I didn't have my own procrastination-fueled delays. Well, it's done.

Here is the inspiration for this project.

1) This color scheme has been on my mind ever since I saw this picture on Yvestown's website:

2) Until I saw this picture on Apartment Therapy:SF as part of Emily and Damon's House Tour, I didn't know exactly where I was going to use that color scheme.

A nice simple utilitarian table in baby blue. Yum!

Then today I noticed all the other blue painted table inspiration that was in my archives. I guess I REALLY like the idea of a blue table.

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