Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ta Da!!

Now of course, it is not completely finished.
  • The canvas still needs to be painted. I didn't want to leave it white, so I painted it the color of the dining table.
  • The triptych frame still needs images.
  • The diploma frame needs to be filled especially since the frame is turned the wrong way.
  • I need to rethink the shelf contents.

However, most importantly:

I made holes in my wall and the world did not stop!


design for mankind. said...

I am SO the wrong person to answer this question, so instead... I'll say that I LOOOOVE it so far, and I think at this point, you can't really mess it up TOO much!


Abbey said...

love it! I'd say put some postcards (from a local artist or museum) in the triptych until you figure out what you want to put there...)

apt pupil said...

Congratulations! It looks terrific, and I do completely understand how tough it is to put holes in the wall. I think the canvas looks great that color!